The New South Wales is known as the oldest state of Australia. It is also the home of Canberra which is the current capital of the nation. The capital of the state has amazed various travellers from all over the world. Packed with amazing museums, galleries, world-calls restaurants, opera houses and incredible harbours, this is certainly one of the places that you should visit. The New South Wales attractions are also unique and diverse that reflects the various facets of the country.


The Best Things to Do in New South Wales


There is certainly something more to the New South Wales other than Sydney. Make sure to stay longer in this area to explore the different places to visit in NSW.


Blue Mountains


Climbing on the peak of the Blue Mountains is one of the things to do in New South Wales. You will be able to reach this place in a matter of two hours from the city centre. You can enjoy mountain biking, rock climbing or hiking on the rocky surface of this unique land formation. In case you are not a fan of the outdoor adventure, you may ride the Skyway that will give you an amazing perspective of the entire area.


The Blow Hole


The Blow Hole has got to be the main attraction of Kiama. Kiama is a tiny town situated at the southern portion of Sydney. The blow hole has the ability to spray waters that can reach up to 25 meters during perfect condition. Nonetheless, there are more places to visit in NSW apart from the blow holes. You should visit the Seven Mile Beach where you will appreciate the site of the extensive and remarkable coastal line. Try to visit this place during the early hours of the morning to have a glimpse of the dolphins enjoying the water.


Minnamurra Rainforest


For those who are planning to visit NSW, one of the best things to do in New South Wales is to visit the Budderoo National Park. This national park shows a striking contrast on the city’s coastline and landscape. The Minnamurra Rainforest is located inside the national park. This rainforest has been perfectly preserved that gives you a chance to encounter a diverse set of wildlife species. In order to keep the rainforest protected, you will be directed to walk on the platform.




Newcastle is one of the largest and best places to visit in NSW. If you want to experience the authentic culture of the New South Wales, this is the perfect destination. The music, fashion, and art of Australia can be seen in all aspects of the city. The beaches in this location are also impressive. There are just too many things to visit when you travel to this city.


From the amazing and wild coastline of NSW to the National Parks that are cloaked with lush greenery, the New South Wales attractions will surely surprise you. The variety of places to see will certainly lead you to a spectrum of experiences.



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